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North Carolina Procurement Alliance (NCPA) SY 2015-2016


    Procedures for Pre-Approval
    of Products for Vendors

    Nutrition Analysis Files SY 2015-16

    NCPA Sample Cycle Menus

    Sample Breakfast Cycle Menu

    This sample breakfast cycle menu (prepared from numerous member menus and high volume NCPA bid products) was presented during Cycle Menu Member Training last October.  NOTE:  A sample Lunch menu is in development.

    DISCLAIMER: These seasonal cycle menus show the variety of products that may be served for school breakfast.   Based on product numbers, entrees planned will meet the breakfast meal patterns K-5, 6-8, 9-12, and K-12. Please note these are only sample menus and each individual SFA must ensure their menus meet all required meal components and nutrient standards. Individual offerings of food items will vary for each SFA and does not guarantee nutrient standards will be met by this sample cycle menu.  Please complete accurate Meal Component and Quantity Worksheets and Nutritional Analyses to assure that your menus meet all requirements.

    Need additional assistance?

    Should you need assistance utilizing the Export and Ingredient files in your nutrient analysis software please contact Mary Vann Sitton at

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