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Marketing Child Nutrition Programs

Signage for New School Meal Nutrition Standards

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act requires that the foods or food components that are part of a reimbursable school breakfast and lunch must be identified at or near the beginning of the serving line and prior to the Point-Of-Service.   Some examples of signage developed by N.C. school districts and other states are included here with permission.  They have been posted in cafeterias in various ways, reproduced in various sizes and may be adapted for use.  The N.C DPI Child Nutrition Services Section is not endorsing any one particular example since it is up to each School Food Authority to determine what will work best in their specific schools and for various age/grade groups.  Signage should inform students about the least that will comprise a reimbursable meal as well as all that a student may select.   There is not a universal sign that works for every school or grade group.  These examples can be used as a springboard to develop signage that will send the correct message about reimbursable meals to the students in your school or district.


SFA Signage Examples

  • Asheville City Schools Signage


Menu Templates
Child Nutrition programs can promote the School Breakfast Program, National School Lunch Program, or snacks for the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program or Afterschool Snack Program using these Menu Templates. The Menu Templates are designed in two formats - Elementary and Middle/High. The content for the Elementary School Menus is aimed at families and the content for the Middle/High School Menus is aimed at Middle/High School students.

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