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Branding & Logo Usage

 Logo Usage

Three (3) types of hi-resolution logo art files have been provided for your promotional needs.  Please review the description/purpose for each type of file to make the appropriate selection.

Click on the file extension/type to download the file of your choice.


This file is used most in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publishing, PowerPoint or any newsletter/presentation software that is used for building graphics with pictures and text.


This is also a versatile file that can be used just like a jpeg, but is sometimes required by screen printers, embroiderers and large reproduction runs of pamphlets and booklets.  If this file is opened in CS4 Adobe Illustrator (or newer versions), it can be seen as a vectored file, giving the designer greater flexibility for manipulating each element using the layer application.


*IMPORTANT NOTE* The EPS file requires the proper software to open, but it can be downloaded.  This file is most requested by large print houses where color separation is required and typically cannot be utilized for most small, do-it-yourself design and layout projects..


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