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NC K-12 Culinary Institute Instructional Resources

Listen! Learn! Lead!

Participants in the K-12 Culinary Institute workshops learned many skills to become North Carolina K-12 Culinary Chef Ambassadors!  In those workshops the Ambassadors Listened to chefs share their knowledge and skills and Learned new techniques and strategies to use in their own districts. Now, they are equipped to Lead efforts in their school districts by Teaching-It-Forward!

Teach-It-Forward (TIF)

The NC K-12 Culinary Institute was designed and developed on the Teach-It-Forward (TIF) model of instruction and learning. This model is based on four fundamental principles of learning: Knowledge Transfer, Demonstration, Practice and Feedback; also referred to as KNOW, SHOW, DO, and COACH.

TIF Toolkit

To support the Teach-It Forward model, the Culinary Institute design and development team created an impressive collection of instructional tools and resources (print and video) to assist the Chef Ambassadors in sharing their knowledge. Ten (10) TIF Short Set Modules on topics covered in the K-12 Culinary Workshops were developed to aide in providing effective training in a short amount of time.  Of the many instructional tools provided, some coordinate directly with the TIF Short Set Modules and others are stand alone instructional resources for use in the school’s production kitchen with the culinary team.

Toolkit Item

Click on a toolkit item below to access the information and resources.


Teach It Forward Guide

Think of the Teach it Forward Guide is the "how-to" manual that was developed to guide the Chef Ambassadors through the teaching and coaching process.

TIF Short Set Modules

Each Short Set has a “Plan It” page which identifies supplies, location, key talking points and resources needed and a Certificate of Completion. Each Short Set also includes other types of instructional resources (e.g, handouts, VAVs, videos), however, it varies by topic.

TIF Handouts

Printable materials for use with Short Set Modules and other Culinary Continuing Education.

Video Clips

These short videos include “How To's” on common kitchen activities that will improve quality of food production and productivity and videos that illustrate how to make several of the new recipes in the style of the “Tasty” videos.  These videos may be viewed independently or as part of a Short Set module.

Virtual Audio Visuals (VAVs)

The VAVs are handouts with full color photos that are best displayed on a computer monitor.

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