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Video Clips

These short videos include “How To's” on common kitchen activities that will improve quality of food production and productivity and videos that illustrate how to make several of the new recipes in the style of the “Tasty” videos.  These videos may be viewed independently or as part of a Short Set module. 

Basic Kitchen Equipment: Pans (02:18)

Basic Kitchen Equipment: Utensils  (02:19)

Batch Cooking  (03:41)

Bean Basics  (01:11)

Blanching Broccoli & Cauliflower for Vegetable Dippers and Salads (01:27)

Calibrate Thermometer (01:00)

Cheese Sauce (for Mac and Cheese and base for Nacho Cheese Sauce)  (00:31)

Chicken Spinach Alfredo Bake   (00:54)

Chilaquiles  (01:52)

Chopping Lettuce in the VCM (01:38)

Determining Number of Servings in a Pan (01:02)

Encouraging Customers to Try Foods/New Foods (02:17)

Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches  (00:35)

Heating PreCooked Foods (01:03)

How to Roll a Burrito   (00:23)

Institutional Garnishing & Merchandising  (02:14)

Knife Skills  (02:23) (rev. Apr 2017)

Preparing Cubed Ground Beef for Soups or Stews  (1:26)

Preparing Cubed Ground Beef for Soups and Stews: Steamer Method  (01:01)

Preparing & Using a Three Compartment Sink (5:08)

Removing Grapes from the Stem (00:33)

Roasting Vegetables on a Sheet Pan  (02:02)

Shaker Salads  (00:40)

Steaming Brown Rice  (01:11)

Steaming Pasta (01:42)

Sweet Thai Chicken  (00:55)

Taco Pockets  (00:24)

Tips to Quality Holding and Serving (03.21)

Weighing & Measuring (01:51)

Work Simplification (01:31)

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