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TIF: Short Set Modules

Carving out large blocks of time for training can be challenging, therefore 10 mini-units called Short Sets on topics covered in the K-12 Culinary workshops were developed to aide in providing effective training in a short amount of time. 

    • Each Short Set can be presented in 15 minutes
    • Presenting a Short Set involves Planning and Presenting.
    • Each Short Set has a “Plan It” page which identifies supplies, location, key talking points and resources needed.  Upon completion of the Short Sets, participants will receive a certificate of completion.  The templates are available for download and printing.


 TIF Toolkit: Short Set Modules

Click on a module title to access information and instructional resources.

Batch Cooking



Sampling Techniques
& Customer Service



Knife Skills

Work Schedules

Knife Types and Care

Work Simplification

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