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Recorded Webinars

Sept 22-2016
Verification_Guidance for Conducting the Annual Eligibility Verification Process

Presenters:  Jacquelyn McGowan

The presentation will cover the verification and direct verification process including, but not limited to, selecting the sample pool, sample size, deadlines, verification for cause, application selection procedures, standard and alternate sample sizes, non-response rates, confirmation reviews, contacting households selected for verification, acceptable income and categorically eligibility documentation, completing the verification process including appeals rights, households that reapply and recordkeeping and the verification summary report.

Duration: 1hr 28min
Mar 30-2016 CEP - Data Collection and Submission for SY 2016-17

Presenter:  Janet Johnson

Duration:  52 min

Oct 22-2015 Professional Standards Requirements:  What to Expect During the Administrative Review

Presenters: Jeffrey Squires, Myra Mayse, Patty Green

The purpose of this webinar is to provide an overview of the information that will be requested by School Nutrition Consultants and Specialists as part of the upcoming Administrative Review. The School Nutrition Services Section has just learned of these new requirements and we want SFAs to be well-prepared to meet the requirements during the review. The webinar will be presented in three parts; a brief overview of the Professional Standards Requirements, what to expect in the offsite component of the review and what to expect in the onsite component of the review.

Duration: 52 min

Aug 6-2015 Best Practices for Conducting the Second Review of Free & Reduced School Meals Applications

This webinar will covers procedures and best practices for conducting second reviews based on methods of processing F&R Applications (i.e., manual, scanning, web-based, etc.) as well as documentation resources.  

Presenters: Janet Johnson and Karla Wheeler

Duration:  1hr 34 min


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