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Emergency Preparedness

The USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), Southeast Regional Office, reminds us of the resources available at the FNS Disaster Assistance website. On this website you will find the recently updated Disaster Nutrition Assistance Programs Brochure (FNS-483) which highlights information from the disaster fact sheets on the website all of the FNS disaster programs.


USDA/NFSMI Resources

- Contact Directory Template (Forms A-1 thru A-10)

- Local Community Resources  (Forms B-1 thru B-3)

- Standard Operating Procedures (Forms C-1 thru C-5)

- Emergency Foodservice Inventory (Form D-1)

- Menus (Form E-1)

- Community Relief Organizations (Form F-1)

  • NFSMI:  When Disaster Strikes (video)

Other things to consider for Emergency Preparedness

  • Locating Portable Kitchens
  • USDA Waivers
  • Locating/acquiring generators prior to a hurricane
  • Emergency Procurement
  • Insuring a small amount of food
  • Mobile units to feed kids
  • Documenting every expense
  • Adequate inventory in another location
  • Protecting School Nutrition Staff during extreme weather emergencies

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