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HACCP - Central Warehouse

    HACCP Plan Template

    Many school districts have central warehouse facilities where all food and food-related supplies are delivered and stored before distribution to individual schools. If proper food handling and sanitation practices are not followed, foods could easily become contaminated at this point. Therefore, it is very important that all central warehouses implement a comprehensive HACCP Plan.

    HACCP Plan for Central Warehouse

      Part 1 - HACCP Plan 

      Part 2 - HACCP Plan - Assessment 

      Part 3 - HACCP Plan - Monitoring and Record Keeping 

      Part 4 - HACCP Plan - Continuing Education & Professional Development  

      Part 5 - HACCP Plan - Central Warehouse Inventory 


      Continuing Education Aids

      Using and Calibrating a Bi-Metallic Stemmed Thermometer

      Proper Hand Washing Procedures

      Personal Hygiene & Employee Health

      Preparing Chemical Sanitizing Solutions

      Receiving and Storing Food in Storage, Refrigeration and Freezers

      • Employee Health Policy (In development)

      Over forty (40) Extension Agents in North Carolina have been trained to use the HACCP in Your Schools curriculum.  To schedule continuing education, please contact the Family and Consumer Services Agent in or near your county.  Agents have been granted approval to travel to nearby locations to deliver continuing education.

      • Links to Supplemental Education

      USDA Guidance for School Food Authorities
      Biosecurity Checklist for School Food Service Programs
      Food Defense and Security in Schools
      FDA Database of Foodborne Illness Risk Factors
      Responding to a Food Recall

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