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HACCP - Homestyle Kitchens

Homestyle Kitchen HACCP Plan Template

Homestyle facilities are often small group-type homes in which food is prepared using "household" type ingredients, procedures, and equipment.  Like more traditional schools that have commercial kitchens, these types of operations are also required to have a HACCP plan; however, because home-style kitchens have unique needs, a modified HACCP plan has been developed and is to be used.


    Continuing Education Aids

    Teaching employees is essential to the successful implementation of a HACCP Plan. The following curriculum has been designed to teach Child Nutrition Assistants the basics of food safety and sanitation within a four‐hour timeframe. All information is consistent with the standards outlined in your School HACCP Plan.

    Over forty (40) Extension Agents in North Carolina have been trained to use the HACCP in Your Schools curriculum.  To schedule continuing education, please contact the Family and Consumer Services Agent in or near your county.  Agents have been granted approval to travel to nearby locations to deliver continuing education.


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