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HACCP – Transported Meals (Catered)

Transported or catered meals operations are schools that provide reimbursable meals with limited on-site food preparation.  No time-temperature controlled for safety foods or un-packaged foods can be prepared on-site in this type of an operation without a Food Establishment Permit issued from the Division of Public Health following the North Carolina Food Code and permitting requirements.  Also, all meals prepared off-site must come from a foodservice establishment with a current food permit issued under the Division of Public Health.  Like more traditional schools that have commercial kitchens, schools that receive transported meals are also required to have a HACCP plan.  Because these types of operations have unique needs, a modified template plan has been developed.

HACCP Plan Template for Transported Meals


    Continuing Education Aids

    • 15-Minute Continuing Education Topics

    1  Using and Calibrating a Bi-Metallic Stemmed Thermometer
    2  Completing HACCP Monitoring Forms
    4  Hot and Cold Foods Temperatures
    5  Proper Hand Washing Procedures
    6  Personal Hygiene
    7  Preparing Chemical Sanitizing Solution

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