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Physical Activity for All Ages

Active Living by Design
Active Living by Design (ALBD) creates community-led change by working with local and national partners to build a culture of active living and healthy eating. Established by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, ALBD is part of the North Carolina Institute for Public Health at the University of North Carolina, Gillings School of Global Public Health.


CDC Podcasts
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers podcasts, targeted to both health professionals and the public, which provide health and safety-related tips and information. Ask CDC is a podcast series which answers real questions submitted to 1-800-CDC-INFO and


Complete Streets
Complete Streets are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users. The National Complete Streets Coalition advocates for and offers resources to transform the look, feel and function of the roads and streets in our communities, by changing the way they are planned, designed and constructed.


Eat Smart, Move More North Carolina
Eat Smart, Move More NC is a statewide movement to promote increased opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating through policy and environmental change. The Web site provides a variety of resources to promote healthy eating and physical activity.


Eat Smart. Play Hard.™ Healthy Lifestyle
The Eat Smart. Play Hard.™ Healthy Lifestyle site is specifically designed for parents and caregivers to provide information to help you eat better, be more physically active and be a role model for your kids., from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Health Information Center, offers information and tools to help you and those you care about stay healthy.


Joint Use
Joint use is a way to increase opportunities for children and adults to be more physically active. It refers to two or more entities, usually a school and a city or private organization, sharing indoor and outdoor spaces like gymnasiums, athletic fields and playgrounds.


National Physical Activity Plan
The U.S. National Physical Activity Plan is a private-public sector collaborative, engaging hundreds of organizations dedicated to changing our communities in ways that will enable every American to be sufficiently physically active. The National Plan aims to create a culture that supports physically active lifestyles for the ultimate purposes of improving health, preventing disease and disability, and enhancing quality of life.


N.C. Complete Streets Policy
Under the N.C. Complete Streets Policy, the N.C. Department of Transportation (NCDOT) works with cities, towns and communities to consider accommodating several modes of transportation when building new projects or making improvements to existing infrastructure. This approach improves safety, makes it easier for travelers to get where they need to go, encourages the use of alternate forms of transportation, increases the connectivity between streets and transit systems, and works to build a strong sense of community.


N.C. Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation
The N.C. Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation (DBPT) is a comprehensive initiative designing facilities, creating safety programs, mapping cross-state bicycle routes, training teachers, sponsoring workshops and conferences, fostering multi-modal planning and integrating bicycling and walking into the ongoing activities of the N.C. Department of Transportation.


N.C. Office of Environmental Education
The North Carolina Office of Environmental Education, in an effort to promote the integration of Environmental Education (EE) and personal health, has developed a list of EE centers with walking trails and other health-related activities and exhibits.


Partnership for Prevention
Partnership for Prevention is a membership organization of businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies advancing policies and practices to prevent disease and improve the health of all Americans. The Partnership analyzes leading edge scientific research to identify effective policies and practices and develops evidence-based policy recommendations and tools.


Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
The Federal Government has issued its first-ever Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. The guidelines describe the types and amounts of physical activity that offer substantial health benefits to Americans. The Advisory Committee report, the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, Be Active Your Way: A Guide for Adults and an implementation tool kit for organizations and communities are downloadable from the Web site.


Planning for Healthy Places
Land use, economic development, and redevelopment policies offer a valuable set of tools to promote and enhance healthy communities. Local governments, private developers, and community groups can all work to create patterns of development that improve community health - by ensuring that farmers' markets and neighborhood grocery stores are supported, or by promoting sidewalks, parks and other environmental components that encourage physical activity.


PolicyLink is a national research and action institute focusing attention on how people are working successfully to use local, state, and federal policy to create community conditions, including access to healthy food and physical activity opportunities, that benefit everyone. PolicyLink shares findings and analysis through publications, online tools, national summits, and briefings with national and local policymakers. PolicyLink provides support to the Healthy Eating Active Living Convergence Partnership.


President's Challenge - You're it. Get fit!
A central component of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, the President's Challenge - You're it. Get fit! - encourages all Americans to make being active part of their everyday lives. This Web site is the interactive component of that challenge and provides information for kids, teens, adults, seniors, teachers and physical activity advocates on how to register, track progress, calculate fitness and earn awards for meeting goals.
A partnership among Federal land management agencies to provide an easy-to-use Web site with information about all federal recreation areas, the Web site allows you to search for recreation areas by state, recreational activity, agency, or map.


Recommended Community Strategies and Measurements to Prevent Obesity in the United States
The Common Community Measures for Obesity Prevention Project, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), identifies and recommends a set of strategies and associated measurements that communities and local governments can use to plan and monitor environmental and policy-level changes for obesity prevention.


Shape Your World NC
Shape Your World is a statewide movement of North Carolinians who are committed to creating safer and healthier communities through changes in the world around them (called “built environments”).

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