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COVID -19 (Coronavirus)

2020 Waiver Congregate Meal-Coronavirus
COVID19 Agreement Addendum SFA - final
School Nutrition Program Meal Service during COVID QA - LH - final
COVID19 Agreement Addendum Non-SFA_final
SN Program Meal Service during COVID Q&A
March 13 2020_Letter - SFSP Waiver Approval
COVID-19 School Closures Webinar - SFA
COVID-19 School Closures Webinar - Non-SFA
Template Media Release
Memo - Providing Multiple Meals & TCS Foods
Preparing and Providing Meals for Students: Steps to Protect Yourself and Others from COVID-19
Prepare and Providing Meals memo and handout
NonSFA-COVID19-Agreement Addendum_3.25.2020
Q&A - Meal Service During COVID 19
SFA-COVID19-Agreement Addendum_3.25.2020
Food Safety Guidance for School Meal Delivery
Interim Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Guidance for SN Transportation Personnel 3.27.2020
3.30.2020 waiverrequest-area elig-COVID19
03.31.2020-Guidance for School Nutrition and Transportation Personnel
02 kitchen&foodprep_1
01 Handwashing_sanitizer
06 meals delivered to outdoor locations
05 drive-thru meal service
04 multipurpose room
03 kitchen&foodprep_2
DPS Foundation Presentation
menu planing tool - 7day cycle
menu planing tool - 5day cycle
nc restaurants feeding kids info
NCDPI Guidelines for Health and Safety
04.14.2020 COVID-19 Guidelines
Instructions for Supplier Interested in Working with NC School and Summer Nutrition Programs
Suppliers Supporting NC School and Summer Nutrition
Supplier webinar ppt
Summary of COVID 19 waivers
Sponsor Press Release template
Strategies to Include Milk with Summer Meals
Strive for 35
Milk Conversion Chart
Local Dairy Products and Dairy Plant Contact Information
06.18.2020 Summary of Approved Waivers
jul 3 -Summary of approved waivers

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