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School Nutrition Weekly Update - April 20, 2016 - Issue No. 2016.4-2


In the Previous Issue...April 8, 2016

- Annual Agreement Renewal for SY 2016-17
- Paid Lunch Equity Tool and Waiver Requests
- Team Up for School Nutrition Success
- Q&A – Whole Grain Rich (WGR) Items for SY 2016-17
- *REMINDER* Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program* Application Season
- Vacancy Announcement _ Perquimans County
- *REMINDER* Golden Key Achievement Award Submissions – Due April 15!
- *NEW* Smart Options: Teach the Leader
- Important Dates

In This Issue: 



  • *IMPORTANT RECALL NOTICE* - Chicken Nugget Products
  • **NEW** USDA Standardized Recipes
  • CEP Reimbursement Worksheet Revised
  • Paid Lunch Equity (PLE) Waiver Request Due Date
  • *REMINDER*Annual Agreement Renewal for SY 2016-17
  • *REMINDER* Team Up for School Nutrition Success
  • Q&A – Frozen Fruit Cups and ASSP Meal Pattern Requirements
  • Vacancy Announcement – RE-ADVERTISEMENT


  • K-12 Culinary Institute Preview for School Nutrition Administrators
  • K-12 Culinary Institute for School Nutrition Managers
  • *REMINDER* Smart Options: Teach the Leader


  • Important Dates



  • *IMPORTANT RECALL NOTICE* - Chicken Nugget Product

Please review the following email from Gina Tan, Director, Office of Food Safety.  If you have questions, please contact your Zone School Nutrition Consultant.  Thank you.

Good Afternoon,

On Friday, April 8, 2016, Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. issued a commercial recall of fully cooked chicken nugget products that may be contaminated with extraneous plastic materials. The Office of Food Safety notified the FNS Regional Office SENS contacts about this recall on Friday, April 8, 2016 (email attached). The recalled products have been distributed to schools through the company’s commercial channels; however, USDA Foods are not involved in the recall. The recall involves a limited quantity of product, and Pilgrim’s Pride is contacting all affected recipients in its distribution chain to ensure that recalled product is disposed of appropriately.  When it becomes available, the retail distribution list will be posted on the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) website at routinely conducts recall effectiveness checks to verify that recalling firms notify their customers of the recall and that steps are taken to make certain that the product is no longer available to consumers.

Pilgrim’s Pride will communicate directly with recipients as warranted.  Additionally, if recipient agencies have questions concerning whether or not specific products are involved in the recall, they are encouraged to contact Pilgrim’s Pride directly.  Recipients may contact James Brown, Consumer Relations Manager, Pilgrim’s Pride at (800) 321-1470. 

The press release announcing this recall appears below this message. More information about this commercial recall and details about the affected products can be found at:

Thank you,


Regina L. Tan, DVM, MS, DACVPM
Director | Office of Food Safety
Food and Nutrition Service | United States Department of Agriculture
3101 Park Center Drive | Alexandria, VA 22302
703-305-2608 desk |


  • **NEW** USDA Standardized Recipes

USDA’s Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services just released 50 new, mouth-watering recipes for school chefs on our What’s Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl website.  Some are existing USDA recipes that we’ve updated, while others are brand new recipes that students will love.  These tasty, kid-approved recipes are tailored for large quantity food service operations in 25, 50, or 100 portions.  Each recipe includes a nutritional breakdown as well as crediting information on how the recipe contributes toward updated meal pattern requirements for the National School Lunch Program and other USDA Child Nutrition Programs.

The 50 recipes include main dishes and side dishes featuring more nutrient-rich ingredients such as whole grains, dark green, red/orange vegetables, and beans/legumes than ever before.  An additional 150 recipes are being developed and will be posted throughout the next year!  These recipes will provide a ready-to-go resource for school nutrition professionals looking for delicious, nutrient-rich dishes that will make it easy to meet meal pattern requirements and satisfy hungry kids.

Link to the complete set of recipes at  or

Introducing New Standardized Recipes for Schools!

(Source:  Email:  CND Apr 13 2016.)

    • CEP Reimbursement Worksheet Revised

    The CEP Reimbursement worksheet has been updated and is now available on the School Nutrition website.  CLICK HERE to download the spreadsheet.  Should you need have questions or need assistance please contact your Zone consultant.


    • Paid Lunch Equity (PLE) Waiver Request Due Date

    The PLE waiver request must be submitted by April 30, 2016.   The waiver template has been revised and is available on the Financial Management page of the School Nutrition websitePlease submit the PLE waiver requests for school year 2016-2017 to the attention of: Tara Tyson at .  Once the request has been reviewed and approved, the School Food Authority will receive a letter from Dr. Lynn Harvey validating state agency approval.

    CLICK HERE to download the revised 2016-17 SY PLE Waiver Request Template (Word doc)


    • *REMINDER* Annual Agreement Renewal for SY 2016-17

    We are pleased to inform you that we are opening the School Nutrition Technology System on Monday April 11, 2016 so that School Food Authorities (SFAs) can begin the Annual Agreement renewal process for the 2016-2017 school year.   At this time, only one part of the renewal process is available. The online application will be opened so that you can review and update the SFA and site applications.

    As you know, there are three main parts included in the agreement renewal process:

    a)   Written Agreement;

    b)   Approval of Free & Reduced Priced School Meals Household Application (F&RP App);

    c)   Completion of the Online Application and submission of any checklist items

    We are currently updating and finalizing all of the documentation for the 2016-2017 school year to reflect any changes in policy or program requirements as required by the USDA or the State Agency.   The 2016-2017 Annual Agreement document (along with signature pages and other supporting documents) and the 2016-2017 Free and Reduced Priced Meal Application will be provided to the SFAs soon. In the meantime, please feel free to review the SFA and site applications and make changes as needed. You will not be able to Submit for Approval until all of the appropriate elements are in place to complete the agreement renewal process.

    You may access the School Nutrition Technology System at  to renew the SFA's Agreement to administer the Federally-funded Child Nutrition Program(s) for the coming year.

    If you have any questions, please contact your Zone Consultant.


    • *REMINDER* Team Up for School Nutrition Success

    United States Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Institute of Child Nutrition, has launched a "Team Up" for School Nutrition Success initiative. "Team Up" is intended to be a learning experience providing technical assistance to School Nutrition programs that want to maintain a healthy environment and student meal program participation. Team Up includes strategies for mentoring in a variety of areas using a Skilled Helper Model and SMART goals. 

    North Carolina’s Team Up initiatives will be integrated into Policy Updates over the coming months and will include panel discussions, networking discussions which should promote the generation of ideas for the School Nutrition program improvement in several topic areas. At the May Policy Update, Administrators will be introduced to Team Up, the Skilled Helper and model SMART goals that will be further used at future sessions. Team Up activities will also provide resources and the opportunity for making positive strides towards healthy school environments.


    • Q&A - Frozen Fruit Cups and ASSP Meal Pattern Requirements

      Will frozen fruit cups that weigh 4.4 ounces each meet the After School Snack Program (ASSP) meal pattern requirements? When fruit is served in the After School Snack Program as one of the two required components for a reimbursable snack, the serving size must equal ¾ cup of fruit or ¾ cup of 100% juice.  (Note: Juice may not be served when milk is the only other component.)

      One thing to learn about fruit and vegetable serving sizes for School Nutrition programs is that the quantity is measured in volume and not in weight.   For example, the frozen fruit cup might weigh 4.4 ounces on a scale; however, that does not mean that it yields 4.4 ounces in volume.    You need to determine the volume, which is measured in fluid ounces or cups.   The specification sheet for the frozen fruit product may provide this information.  If not, perform your own yield test by opening the container and pouring all of the contents into a measuring cup.  It needs to measure ¾ cup of fruit in order to fulfill the ASSP requirements.   

      Another example of weight versus volume is to consider a raw, leafy green like lettuce.  If you want to serve a cup of lettuce, you put it in a cup and the amount is just a little larger than a baseball. But if you want to serve 8 ounces of lettuce, and you put it on a scale, the amount might be as big as a basketball.


      • Vacancy Announcement


      Position:  Area Supervisor, Child Nutrition (**RE-ADVERTISEMENT**)

      Closing Date:  April 29, 2016

      CLICK HERE to review the full vacancy announcement and application instructions.  



      • K-12 Culinary Institute Preview for School Nutrition Administrators

      As part of the planned K-12 Culinary Workshops, this session will a showcase the planned menus, recipes, and food preparation techniques that will be taught to managers and training managers during the NC K-12 Culinary Institute sessions in summer 2016. There are a limited number of additional seats available on a first register-first come basis. Registration for additional School Nutrition Administrators or Supervisors is open until May 9 or until the session fills to capacity.  Register at:

      • K-12 Culinary Institute Preview for School Nutrition Managers

      North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, School Nutrition Services Section, in cooperation with Chef Cyndie Story and K-12 Team, is providing The NC K-12 Culinary Institute in the Summer of 2016 for School Nutrition Managers who will become Chef Ambassadors.  It is expected they will take the concepts learned at the Institute and “Teach It Forward”.  Instructional segments are planned for topics such as knife skills, weighing and measuring accurately, preparing foods for just-in-time service, work simplification and scheduling, effective use of equipment, and quality food preparation and service for a variety of meats, grains, fruits, vegetables, and condiments.  A “Teach it Forward” toolkit, including 15-minute modules or “Short Sets” on many of the topics, will be provided to the School Nutrition Manager participants so that they can return to the SFA as Chef Ambassadors and teach other managers and associates important food production and merchandising techniques. In addition, a limited amount of small equipment will be provided to assist with teaching upon return to the SFA.

      Click here for additional information and the registration link. Please register by April 30!

      Workshop dates and locations include:

      • Alamance Burlington Schools (July 12 – 14)
      • Chatham County Schools (July 12 – 14)
      • Cherokee Central School (August 2 – 4)
      • Dare County (June 28 – 30)
      • Franklin County (June 28 – 30)
      • Haywood County Schools (August 2 – 4)
      • Henderson County Public Schools (Aug 2 – 4)
      • Hoke County Schools (July 19 – 21)
      • Johnston County Schools (August 9 – 11)
      • Mooresville Graded Schools (July 26 – 28)
      • Onslow County Schools (August 9 – 11)
      • Pitt County (June 28 – 30)
      • Sampson County Schools (July 19 – 21)
      • Union County Schools (July 26 – 28)
      • Whiteville City Schools (July 19 – 21)
      • Wilkes County Schools (July 26 – 28)


      • *NEW* Smart Options: Teach the Leader

      North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, School Nutrition Services Section will offer the Smart Options: Teach the Leader workshop on June 14, 2016 at the Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship, 1451 S Elm-Eugene St, Greensboro, NC 27406. Sign in will begin at 8:00 AM and the class will be conducted from 8:30 AM until 12:30 PM.  Please feel free to bring beverages and snacks as lunch will not be provided for this workshop.

      The workshop is a continuing education course tailored for school nutrition professionals in North Carolina that covers nutrition and physical activity guidelines, school nutrition regulations, methods for serving quality school meals, strategies for linking the cafeteria to the classroom with nutrition education, ways to market school meals, and school wellness.  Smart Options was developed with assistance and review from an advisory committee of school nutrition administrators from across North Carolina and features local school success stories.  Participants will receive a certificate at the conclusion of the workshop.

      Register at:

      • Additional Continuing Education Opportunities

      CLICK HERE to visit the School Nutrition Continuing Education page for details and registration information on the following opportunities.

      • N.C. Safe Plates (multiple dates and locations) 
      • North Carolina K-12 Culinary Institute Workshops for School Nutrition Administrators/Supervisor 
      • North Carolina K-12 Culinary Institute Workshops for School Nutrition Managers  
      • May 2016 Policy Updates  
      • School Nutrition Association of North Carolina (SNA-NC) Preconference Workshops



      • Important Dates

      Remember:  Any time a due date/deadline falls on a weekend or a holiday, the deadline automatically extends to the next business day.

      April 2016
      Apr 21 SFSP Workshop (New Bern Convention Center)
      Apr 25-27 N.C. Safe Plates Workshop (NCSU)
      Apr 25-29 Every Kid Healthy Week
      Apr 28 After-Hours Kitchen Facility Use:  Managing the Risks (2:00 - 3:00pm)
      Apr 28-29 Smart Options Workshop (Beaufort, NC)
      May 2016
      May 2 FC1-A Financial Analysis Worksheet/SFA Financial Software Report Due
      May 6 School Lunch Hero Day
      May 6 Zone 1 Policy Update
      May 10 (Tues) Deadline to submit claim for reimbursement for NSLP/SBP/ASSP/SFSP/SSO (for Mar 2016)
      May 10 Zone 3 Policy Update
      May 10-12 N.C. Safe Plates Workshop (Bolivia, NC - Brunswick Co.)
      May 11 NCPA - 2016-2017 NEW Distributor Bid Opening (Raleigh, NC - McKimmon Center)
      May 12 Zone 4 Policy Update for LEAs
      May 13 Zone 4 Policy Update for NonLEAs
      May 15 (Sun) Deadline to submit FFVP claim for reimbursement (for Apr 2016)
      May 17 Zone 5 Policy Update
      May 18 Zone 6 Policy Update
      May 19 Zone 7 Policy Update
      May 24-25 K-12 Culinary Institute Preview for School Nutrition Administrators
      May 20 Zone 2 Policy Update
      May 30 Memorial Day (State Offices Closed)
      June 2016
      June 10 Deadline to submit claim for reimbursement for NSLP/SBP/ASSP/SFSP/SSO (for Apr 2016)
      June 13-15 NC Safe Plates Workshop (Greensboro)
      June 14 Smart Options Teach the Leader Workshop
      June 15 Deadline to submit FFVP claim for reimbursement (for May 2016)
      June 15-16 SNA-NC Annual Conference (Greensboro)
      Have Questions? Need Assistance? Please remember to always contact your regional consultants or specialists first for any questions or assistance unless directed otherwise.

      USDA Non-Discrimination Statement


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