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2016-17 AR Summary Reports

Section 207 of the HHFKA amended section 22 of the NSLA (42 U.S.C. 1769c) to require State agencies (SA) to report the results of the administrative review to the public in an accessible, easily understood manner in accordance with guidelines promulgated by the Secretary. Each School Food Authority submitted Corrective Action Plans that adequately addressed each area of non-compliance and the documentation submitted to the SA indicated the corrective actions have been successfully implemented and are effective in resolving the problems cited in the review. Each review posted below was successfully closed.


Traditional Public SchoolsCharter SchoolsResidential and NonPublic Schools

(170) Caswell County

(181) Hickory City Schools

(298) The Residential Schools

(300) Davie County

(440) Haywood County

(520) Jones County Schools

(690) Pamlico County 

(730) Person County Schools

(860) Surry County 

(960) Wayne County

(08A) Henderson Collegiate 

(32S) KIPP - Durham College Preparatory 

(33A) North East Carolina Preparatory 

(42A) KIPP - Halifax College Preparatory 

(60G) Queen's Grant Community School 

(60V) Charlotte Learning Academy 

(65C) Douglass Academy 

(67B) Z.E.C.A. School of Art and Technology 

(69A) Arapahoe Charter School 

(74C) Winterville Charter Academy 

(92Q) Hope Charter Leadership Academy 

(92V) Wake Forest Charter Academy 

(92W) Cardinal Charter Academy 

(93J) PAVE Southeast Raleigh Charter 

(98B) Wilson Preparatory Academy 

(1095) Trinity Christian School

(1111) Horizons Residential Care Center

(1142) Eckerd Youth Alternatives, Inc.

(1152) Eliada Homes, Inc.

(1156) Durham County Youth Home

(1167) Guilford County Juvenile Detention

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