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Breakfast Q&A’s

Why is breakfast important?

Studies show that students who eat breakfast…

  • Have improved attendance and less tardiness
  • Are able to pay attention longer
  • Demonstrate better behavior in the classroom
  • Have fewer disciplinary referrals
  • Perform better on tests
  • Make fewer trips to the school nurse
  • Have a better overall diet
  • Are more likely to be at a healthy weight


Why school breakfast?

School breakfast offers several connections to learning – students have the opportunity to eat a healthy breakfast each school morning closer to academic instruction time, students who eat a healthy breakfast are better able to focus on classroom lessons, and students can practice the nutrition lessons they learn in the classroom by making healthy choices with school breakfast.


School Breakfast Programs Reports and Studies

This page on the USDA/Team Nutrition website provides links to various studies on school breakfast conducted by USDA and other nationally recognized organizations.


Can all students eat school breakfast?

The National School Breakfast Program (SBP) is a federally funded program available to all schools.  All students can participate.

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