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2006 USDA Policy Memos

Note: Please click on the table headers to sort by Policy Number, Policy Title or Policy Subject.

Policy NumberPolicy TitlePolicy Subject
SP-01-2006 Administrative Reviews and Training Grants-Memorandum to State Agencies Administrative Reviews, Grants
SP-01-2006 Application
Administrative Reviews and Training Grants Application Administrative Reviews, Grants
SP-01-2006-SF-424 Application for Federal Assistance SF-424 Application
SP-01-2006-SF-424A Application for Federal Assistance-Budget Information SF-424A Application
SP-01-2006-SF-424B Application for Federal Assistance - Assurances SF-424B Application
SP-01-2006-SF-LLL Disclosure of Lobbying Activities - SF-LLL Lobbying
SP-02-2006 Treatment of Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance and National Flood Insurance Program payments in Income Eligibility Determiniations for Food and Nutrition Service Programs. Eligibility
SP-03-2006 Translation of Free and Reduced Price Application Prototypes for People with Limited English Proficiency Application - Free & Reduced
SP-04-2006 Wellness Monitoring Local Wellness Policy
SP-05-2006 School Meals Programs: Second Extension of Waivers Due to Emergency Conditions Caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Waiver
SP-06-2006 Reporting Compliance with the Food Safety Inspection Requirement Reauthorization 2004:  Implementation Memo SP-24 Food Safety Inspections
SP-07-2006 School Meals Program: Verification Reporting and Hurricanes Katrina/Rita Verification
SP-08-2006 Reauthorization 2004: Communication with Households Communication
SP-09-2006 SMI Frequently Asked Questions Resource School Meals Initiative
SP-10-2006 Implementing the Revised School Meal Recipes Recipes
SP-11-2006 Fiscal Year 2006 Reallocation of State Administrative Expense Funds State Administrative Expense
SP-12-2006 Commercial Software used in School Nutrition Software Software
SP-13-2006 State Agency Ameliorative Action Plans for Verification Verification
SP-14-2006 Communications Concerning Verification Activities Verification
SP-15-2006 School Districts and Federal Procurement Questions Procurement
SP-16-2006 Record-Keeping Requirements Procurement
SP-17-2006 USDA Recipes for Schools: Memo Recipes
SP-17-2006 Form
USDA Recipes for Schools: Order Form Recipes
SP-18-2006 Income Eligibility Guidelines Eligibility
SP-19-2006 April 2006 Procurement Questions Procurement
SP-20-2006 Procurement Questions Relevant to the Buy American Provision Procurement, Buy American
SP-21-2006 State Agency Procurement Training for School District Procurement
SP-22-2006 Required Direct Certification for LEAs with 25,000 students Direct Certification
SP-23-2006 Free and Reduced Price Schools Meals Application Package Memo and Access to Translations Appliction - Translations
SP-24-2006 USDA-Approved Software Requirements Regarding Vitamin A School Meals Initiative
SP-25-2006 Monitoring Implementation of HACCP-Based Food Safety Program Food Safety HACCP
SP-26-2006 Modifications to the list of USDA-approved Nutrient Analysis Software (Revised) School Meals Initiative
SP-26-2006 Revised Modification to the list of USDA-approved Nutritient Analysis Software Nutrient Analysis, School Meals Initiative
SP-27-2006 Policy Memorandum SP 27-2006 Verification Sample Size Verification
SP-28-2006 CRE; National Average Daily Attendance CRE
SP-29-2006 Buy American Reminder Buy
SP-30-2006 SP-30-2006; CACFP-14-2006; SFSP-07-2006: U.S. Armed Forces Family Supplemental Subsistence Allowance-Permanently Excluded from Income Consideration for the Child Nutrition Programs Free & Reduced Price
SP-31-2006 Clarification on the Substitution of NSLP Meals and Use of Offer versus Serve for CACFP Meals Prepared by Schools Offer Vs. Serve
SP-32-2006 Clarification of Direct Verification Direct Verification
SP-33-2006 Affirmation of Policy on Limited Disclosure of Children's Eligibility Information to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Title I
SP-34-2006 Change to Item 6 in the FNS-742, SFA Verification Summary Report Memo Verification
SP-34-2006 Form
Change to Item 6 in the FNS-742, SFA Verification Summary Report - Updated Form Verification

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