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2007 USDA Policy Memos

Note: Please click on the table headers to sort by Policy Number, Policy Title or Policy Subject.

Policy NumberPolicy TitlePolicy Subject
SP-01-2007 Reporting School Food Safety Inspection Food Safety Inspections
SP-02-2007 School Districts and Federal Procurement Regulations Procurement
SP-03-2007 Vending Machines in the School Meal Programs Competitive Foods
SP-04-2007 Scanned Income Applications Free & Reduced Price Policy
SP-05-2007 FY 2007 Reallocation of SAE Funds State Administrative Expense
SP-06-2007 Fluid Milk and Other Fluid Components/Menu Items in Reimbursable Lunches Milk
SP-07-2007 FY 2007 Seamless Summer Option Questions and Answer Guidance Summer
SP-08-2007 Legislative Changes in the Nutrition Services Incentive Program Nutrition Services, Incentive
SP-09-2007 Clarification Regarding "Federal Publishing" Materials Not a USDA Publication Publications
SP-10-2007 Update on Electronic Transactions in the Child Nutrition Programs Electronic Transactions
SP-11-2007 Reminder of Availability of Translated Free and Reduced Price Applications Application - Translations
SP-12-2007 Electronic Record and Reporting Systems Electronic
SP-13-2007 Operation of Child Nutrition Programs During a Pandemic Pandemic
SP-14-2007 Food Distribution Program: Value of Donated Foods From July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2007; Correction Donated Food
SP-15-2007 Coordinated Review Effort; National Average Daily Attendance CRE
SP-16-2007 State Agency Reports on Food Safety Inspections Food Safety Inspections

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