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2008 USDA Policy Memos

Note: Please click on the table headers to sort by Policy Number, Policy Title or Policy Subject.

Policy NumberPolicy TitlePolicy Subject
SP-01-2008 State Agency Reports on Food Safety Inspections: Follow-Up Food Safety Inspections
SP-02-2008 HealthierUS School Challenge Bronze Level Healthier US Challenge, Award
SP-03-2008 Alternate Menu Planning Approaches - Calorie and Nutrient Standards Menu Planning
SP-04-2008 Incorporating the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans into School Meals Dietary Guidelines
SP-05-2008 Food Safety Inspections in Non-Traditional School Settings Food Safety Inspections
SP-06-2008 New Edition of the Eligibility Manual for School Meals, Federal Policy on Determining and Verifying Eligibility Eligibility
SP-07-2008 Charter School Involvement in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs Charter Schools
SP-08-2008 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program
SP-09-2008 Final Rule, Procurement Requirements for the National School Lunch, School Breakfast and Special Milk Programs Procurement
SP-10-2008 Suspension of Westmoreland Meat Company and  Mr. Stan Mendell  and attachment Food Recall
SP-10-2008 Attachment SP-10-2008 - Letter to Mr. Stan Mendell Food Recall
SP-11-2008 Coordinated Review Effort (CRE) Training for State Agencies CRE
SP-12-2008 FY 2008 Reallocation of State Administrative Expense Funds State Administrative Expense
SP-13-2008 Use of Vending Machines in the Schools Meals Programs Vending Machines, Competitive Foods
SP-14-2008 Farm to School Cafeteria Initiatives Farm to School
SP-15-2008 Allowability of Procurement Fees in School Food Authority Contracts Procurement
SP-16-2008 Informational Memo on the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program
SP-17-2008 Sharing Income Eligibility Information between Child Nutrition Programs Eligibility
SP-18-2009 Rebates from the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 Stimulus
SP-19-2008 Technical Assistance in Preparation for CRE CRE
SP-20-2008 Verification Summary Reporting for SY 2007-08 (FNS-742) Verification
SP-21-2008 Prototype Language for Return of Discounts, Rebates and Credits to School Food Authorities Rebates, Credits
SP-22-2008 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Funding from the FY 2008 Consolidated Appropriations Act Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program
SP-23-2008 Automatic Eligibility for Free Meal Benefits Extended to All Children Enrolled in Head Start Eligibility, Extended Benefits
SP-24-2008 Streamlining At-Risk Afterschool Meal Participation for School Food Authorities Participating in the National School Lunch Program At-Risk, Afterschool
SP-25-2008 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Funding From FY 2008 Consolidated Appropriations Act Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program
SP-26-2008 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) Funds Made Available to Six States Through the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2008 Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program
SP-27-2008 July 1, 2008 Mandatory Implementation of Direct Certification with the Food Stamp Program Direct Certification
SP-28-2008 Additional Administrative Reviews and state Retention of Improperly-Paid Funds in SY 2008-2009 Administrative Reviews
SP-29-2008 Cooperation with Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) E-Rate Audits E-Rate
SP-30-2008 Applying Geographic Preferences in Procurements for the Child Nutrition Programs Procurement
SP-31-2008 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP): Nationwide Expansion and Program Operations Resulting from the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (Public Law 110-234) Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program
SP-32-2008 Coordinated Review Effort; National Average Daily Attendance CRE
SP-33-2008 Attachment FFVP Funds Allocation Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program
SP-33-2008 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) Technical Assistance Information on FFVP Operations Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program
SP-34-2008 Automatic Eligiblity for Early Hard Start Participants Eligibility
SP-35-2008 Frequently Asked Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Questions Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program
SP-36-2008 Coordinated Review Effort (CRE) Revised Forms and Instructions CRE
SP-37-2008 30-Day Carryover and Delayed Implementation for Provision 2 Provision 2
SP-38-2008 State Agency Reports on Food Safety Inspections Food Safety Inspections
SP-39-2008 Responsibility to Request Food Safety Inspections Food Safety Inspections
SP-40-2008 Reaffirmation of Policy on Limited Disclusure of Children's Eligiblity Information to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Disclosure

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